Quality Control  

High quality with low price is always the target we seek for, and this is the reason why our customers from all over the world would like to cooperate with us for long-term. In order to be excelsior, and improve the quality of our products constantly, our company has established a specialized quality control center, which is in charge of the following tasks:

1)Offer specialized training to the staff, insure that the company has a group of skilled and well trained people.

2) Import and install the modern production lines. Ensure the quality of the products and the speed of production from the basis. We hope that we can get OEM orders from the customers all over the world, and we can ensure you that we will deliver the goods promptly.

3) R&D staff: we organize a powerful group of R&D with 8 highly professional staff, who are specialists in thermoelectric technology , while in charge of the R&D and innovation of new products, so as to make externality and quality of our products take the lead in the industry.

4) Purchasing Department: we have established the purchasing department with 9 personnel. Specialized in purchasing all kinds of high-quality raw materials, we can further ensure the quality of products and cut the costs to the most extend.

5) After-sales service: we have 4 people that are in charge of the after-sales service of the products. Meanwhile, they also report feedbacks from customers to the control center, so as to constantly improve the quality of our products.

It is all because we have such a specialized group of people who are in charge of the quality control, we can ensure you for customers, we will always do a better job!